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Pastor David Miller

David Miller has been preaching for over 50 years. He has been in full-time evangelism since 1995 with Line Upon Line Ministries.

June 12, 2018

Christ is Plenty

While Israel wandered in the wilderness, God sent enough manna from heaven to sustain them every day. This manna is a wonderful picture of Jesus, as He said in John 6:35 that He is the “bread of life.”

November 21, 2017

Church Work Is Kingdom Work

This gospel is the key to the kingdom – not a man, not a personality, but the gospel. So He is saying that He is going to build His church through His gospel, and His church is His ministry of building His kingdom until He comes again to establish the literal kingdom on the earth.

Be An Inspiration

Do those who fear the Lord see you and, in watching you, are inspired to go on for God? Are they encouraged to be faithful to God? This is what the psalmist is praying.

Back to Bethel

Each week when we come to church, figuratively speaking, we are arising and going up to Bethel. We are renewed. We turn away from finding our joys and our happiness in this life and turn back to find that this life is temporal and passing away. We find our real joy in God.

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