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Pastor Seth Channell

Seth Channell serves as pastor and elder of Grace Life Church of Greater Des Moines. He was raised in Northwest Alabama and educated at The University of North Alabama and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His first nine years of ministry were spent serving churches in Alabama. He joined Grace Life in April 2012 with his wife, Debbie, and their three sons.

Grace Life Church of Ankeny was started out of a few families that would get together and pray and study about various Scriptural truths that they were learning and not seeing lived out in their current church or in the area where they lived as well. These few families started meeting in one of the families’ home for a regular time of prayer and worship. Though these families experienced many out of balance and swerving seasons, the Lord was pressing upon them to plant a church that would hopefully be blessed by the Lord to demonstrate in faithfulness what so much of their truth journey had produced.

They determined at that time, it was necessary to be connected to a solid biblical church for mentoring. It seemed for sometime that they were on an island due to what the local market in Iowa could offer as that support solution. Several of the men had been listening to John Piper, Paul Washer, Jeff Noblit and John MacArthur to which caused an investigation to those men’s local churches as a means for that support. During this time it became an every other week rotation of Pastor Jeff Noblit and Pastor John Piper sermons during Sunday Worship in their home.

During this time some of the men were sent to the True Church Conference to further vet the ministry, its local body and teaching. Response from this event was overwhelming. What great preaching! What great love that the local body showed! Outreach of our intention and hopes were increased and it became evident that God was opening the door with Grace Life Church of the Shoals and Anchored in Truth Ministries.

The church has been very blessed by this ministry both in mentoring, but also in what is received weekly from the preaching and direction of our own current staff Pastor who also was a connection through the ministry at Anchored in Truth. Praising God!

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