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Pastor Mike Kleinsasser


In 2007, five families left a church we were attending (Mennonite church). When we left that church we had no idea where to go or even what we were looking for. But we knew there was more to living for Christ and impacting our families, communities, and the world for his Glory.

We had never heard the doctrines of grace being preached.  So we attended the 2009 True Church Conference and we knew this was what we were hungering for–THE TRUTH!!  It has been an incredible journey with a lot of pain and a lot more joys. PRAISE GOD!! After we came back in 2010 to the TCC, I was introduced to Steve McAlister, now a dear friend and a mentor to me. I praise God for placing Steve into our lives.  We had some good time as he was patiently teaching us the things of God. The list could go on and on how he has impacted our lives.

Anchored in Truth has been standing beside us. The support has been just incredible with teaching materials, etc . The support we receive from the relationships that have been formed since we have been a church plant is overwhelming. The calls, emails, and text messages just to encourage us are priceless. We have been introduced to local missions and world missions by the selfless sacrifice of the people of Grace Life Church of the Shoals. I am just praying that Grace Life Church of Richland Center can LOVE and SERVE like that for his GLORY.

We have had many hard and difficult times. With your love and support we keep on serving and loving people for God’s glory.

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