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The Church in Aiza

Adult Ministry 
We have an attendance of several brothers and sisters. We also have other people interested in the faith who join us. Below are several specific prayer requests for the adults of Aiza: 
-The conversion and health of Yimy Vilca 
-The complete restoration to health of Brother Borja Guadelupe 
-That the unbaptized professing believers would obey the Lord in baptism 
-For the elderly believers, Alejandro Payano and Lorenzo Payano 
-For the provision of financial resources to sustain the work 
Children’s Ministry 
We have 8 children attending our children’s ministry. Please pray that Christ does a work in the hearts of these young children and adolescents.

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The Church in Tupe

Adult Ministry 
We have an attendance of 6 brothers and sisters. There are also other people that we visit in their homes. Below are several prayer requests for the adults of Tupe: 
-That the muscle in Eulalia Remigio’s leg be healed so that she can walk normally again. 
-For the genuine conversion of Alex Casas. 
-That God would raise up a younger leader to support Pastor Juan in the ministry in Tupe 
-That the unbaptized professing believers would be baptized 
-For the financial resources to be able to pay for the rent and electricity of the building being used for church     meetings. 
Children’s Ministry 
We have an attendance of 12 children and adolescents. Please pray for these young people, especially for a young girl with a very wounded soul, that the Lord would work in her heart. 

The Church in Colca 

 Adult Ministry 
We have an attendance of 3 people. There are a couple others who show an interest in the Gospel. Below are several prayer requests for the adults of Tupe: 
-That God would provide us a means to bring needed clothes, food, and house utensils to the home of Raúl and Luisa. 
-That Margarita Vega would follow the Lord in baptism 
Children’s Ministry 
We have an attendance of 7 children. Please pray that God would work in their hearts. 


 Adult Ministry   
There are two adults that we minister to most there. Below are prayer requests for the adults of Huallampi: 
-For the genuine conversion of Rosa Bario’s husband, Amador. 
-For the genuine conversion of the other adults of Huallampi. 
-That Brother Modesto Ascencio from Canchán commit himself to the work of ministry, especially that of visiting homes in Huallampi. 
Children’s Ministry   
We have more children in Huallampi. Below are several prayer requests regarding the children’s ministry there: 
-That God would work in their hearts 
-That God would provide a place for the children’s ministry to meet in Huallampi 

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We thank God for our brother and sister Luis and Gacia who helped us coordinate the event with the high school students that we did with the brothers and sisters from the USA in July. Below are prayer requests for the church and ministry in Canchán: 
-For César, the son of Brother Santiago and Sister Pia. César is in prison, so please pray for him and his parents. 
-For the Church in Canchán
-The brothers and sisters are in the process of tearing down their old church building in order to rebuild another. Please pray that -God would provide the financial resources necessary for the construction.   


Harry G.

Harry G. serves with the ABWE. Due to the sensitive nature of his work among Muslims we cannot disclose the areas where he is currently serving.

Grace Life Church of Pinedale, Wyoming

Grace Life Church of Pinedale began in the hearts of three families who have a desire to see Christ glorified. These families were brought together in March of 2013 and began worshiping, praying, and seeking guidance from the Lord on how they could best serve Him.

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