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Olwasini, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa 

We are in a time of change. Our days living on 7 Rivers Farm are coming to a close, at least for now. Through prayer and with direction from leadership, we are transitioning to a location and ministry that will allow us to teach Zulu pastors more formally at the newly forming “Christ Seminary Durban.” At the same time, a strategic Indian church in the Durban area has called me to be their pastor as a recovery work. I have begun pastoring that church, The Phoenix Fellowship Baptist Church.  The township of Phoenix is close to the center of Durban. The community’s makeup is 85% Indian descent. It has a dense population of 185,000 souls. There are 15,000 people per square mile.  Mahatma Ghandi founded “The Phoenix Settlement” in 1904. The church is located just a few miles from the historical site. Of some importance, the area is bordered by Zulu speaking townships, creating logical outreach possibilities quite similar to what we have been doing the last several years.

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The church was planted some years ago by missionaries but has suffered through a pastoral failure and 4 years without leadership. They started off well, but need help to get going again. The building God gave them is impressive, but still being completed, even this many years later. The finishes to the building are still new. It has 17 rooms and an auditorium that will seat 500+. There is a core group of 30 adults and 15 children. I have begun by preaching a series on “What is a Healthy Church.” We are in week 5 of 10 weeks on that series. I am praying through which Bible book to begin expositing in 6 weeks time when the series comes to a close.  We are moving to the area in a couple of weeks to begin serving there daily.
To expand on what was introduced above, our greater ministry is opening a Durban area extension of “Christ Seminary,” whose faculty member, Charlie Rumphenedzi, visited Grace Life Church during the last True Church conference.  The launch for that ministry is scheduled for 2020. The plan is that I will be a faculty member.  We are encouraged by this opportunity as our hearts are still for the Zulu, who will certainly make up the majority of the student body at Christ Seminary Durban.


Harold Peasley

While studying at the Baptist Theological Seminary Harold married Antoinette and the marriage was blessed with three daughters. Two of their daughters and their families live in Australia while the eldest and her family live in Canada.

Steven and Cindy Jobert

Steven and Cindy Jobert and their children are currently serving in Taiwan as missionaries with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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