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Southall, London, United Kingdom


Dear praying friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers – God continues to answer them. We are now a much smaller congregation (we were never too big to start off with) many friends and families have left the church, which has been hard. However, we see the locals more, who come to some services every now and again. These are people we have known for years so it is encouraging for them. If anyone would like to visit us in Southall for a short term outreach/mission work then please do get in touch with us. Please pray for their conversions and many more in Southall.

Feel led to


Please continue to pray for our son Samuel, who is still in foster care, we hope to have him home with us through an ongoing, painful legal process which has been going on for 15 months. (for those who don’t know, Samuel was in our care for 9 months and we were supposed to adopt him, he was wrongfully taken from in July 2018 on a days notice, he was our son then and even more so now). The local authority (who was responsible for taking him away unlawfully) has apologized to us, but it still remains a tricky situation as we are currently being reassessed to bring him home.  Pray for our family to be reunited.”
We would like to thank AIT for their ongoing support in the gospel work. Your support has been vital for the ongoing work in Southall. May the Lord bless you richly and use you even more for His glory.
Thankful for your friendship and genuine Christian care, dear friends.”


Grace Life Hispanic Church

Sometime in 2014, Pastor Steve McAlister asked me to pray about leading a Spanish outreach ministry for my home church, Grace Life Church of the Shoals. After praying and meeting with Pastor Steve and some other men, we decided to start having services in Spanish on Sunday mornings for the Hispanic community living in the Shoals area.

Harold Peasley

While studying at the Baptist Theological Seminary Harold married Antoinette and the marriage was blessed with three daughters. Two of their daughters and their families live in Australia while the eldest and her family live in Canada.

Grace Life Church of Pinedale, Wyoming

Grace Life Church of Pinedale began in the hearts of three families who have a desire to see Christ glorified. These families were brought together in March of 2013 and began worshiping, praying, and seeking guidance from the Lord on how they could best serve Him.

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